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Joomla 3.8.13 Release

Joomla 3.8.13 is now available.

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TYPO3 v9 LTS – You’re the One That I Want

Today, after 1.5 years of dedicated work and meeting the self-set goal of publishing five intermediate Sprint Releases as scheduled, we are now proud to announce that the new major version TYPO3 v9 LTS is available for download.

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TYPO3 v9 LTS Press Release — in Many Languages

The official TYPO3 Association and Company press release is out.

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This Month in TYPO3 – September 2018 – Issue #6

The September edition is rather brief since everybody is busy preparing for the upcoming release of TYPO3 9 LTS, either by contributing to the TYPO3 core, updating extensions to be compatible with TYPO3 9.5 or organizing a release party.

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Events Committee: call for participation

These events are organized by different groups of enthusiastic people from the community, and as Association we support that. The first quarter of this year we interviewed many people from the community who are involved with the organisation of TYPO3 events. From these talks we deduced that there is a need for optimizing the process of organizing events

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Red alert, shields up – The work of the Joomla Security Team

A CMS-powered website has all the ingredients for an IT security nightmare: it is publicly accessible, it’s running on powerful machines with great connectivity and the underlying system is used countless times around the globe, making it an attractive target for attackers.

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Call for budget application ideas – TYPO3 Association Budget 2019

Total Funds available for 2019 In coordination with the Treasurer of the TYPO3 Association, the EAB is releasing the available budget sum for 2019. By releasing the budget amount earlier than in previous years we want to increase transparency, put the application process in a realistic context and encourage applicants to apply for?the funds available.

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This Month in TYPO3 – August 2018 – Issue #5

With a slight delay here is the recap of what happened in August in the TYPO3 universe. Despite summer vacation season really a lot has happened! Happy reading!

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Want to Improve TYPO3? Join a Community Team.

Thank you to the TYPO3 Community Team Leads for helping out with this article on top of everything they do for the project and community. The community contribution section here on TYPO3.org is the hub for everything related to community events and TYPO3 CMS improvements. No matter your prior experience and interests, you can find a way to share your skills where they’re needed most

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TYPO3 v9.4.0 released

One small step for a sprint release, but one giant leap towards the new LTS version! Today, we are excited to announce the release of TYPO3 version 9.4, which is the last planned Sprint Release before the long term support (LTS) release.