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New Year, New Adventure: What Comes Next

Today, the WHIR ends its 17-year long run.

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Dealing with Digital: Why ‘Offline’ Is Now the New Luxury

Take the time to disconnect this season. Your mind will be better for it.

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When it Comes to Online Communication Tools, Context Matters

Why are there so many different types of communication platforms? Why haven’t we invented a ‘Babel Fish’ communications platform that can unify our digital world together?

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Apple Revises App Store Revisions to Allow Legitimate Template Use

Apple has made changes to revised app store guidelines that threatened to block a wide range of small business apps created with templates, DIY tools, and SMB app platforms.

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Five Trends That Define the Cloud in 2018

What can we expect from the cloud in 2018? Here are the trends and technologies that will dominate

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LeaseWeb Expands into H5 Data Centers Phoenix Location

LeaseWeb USA will expand into H5 Data Centers Phoenix location under a wholesale data center agreement announced Tuesday.

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Docker CEO Tries to Navigate Business Threat From Google

While Docker and Kubernetes serve slightly different purposes, customers who choose Google’s tool can avoid paying Docker.

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: 35 Tech Gifts for Every Budget

Last minute shoppers rejoice: here are 35+ tech gifts that will suit anyone on your list, no matter your budget.

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Net Neutrality Rules Swept Aside by Republican-Led U.S. FCC

The Republican-led commission voted 3-to-2 on Thursday to remove Obama-era prohibitions on blocking web traffic, slowing it or demanding payment for faster passage via their networks.

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Data Security in Cloud Computing – What to Know

With the number of data breaches spiraling up, it’s no wonder that businesses and customers worry about data security. Data security in cloud computing is no exception to those concerns. It sounds problematic on the surface