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TYPO3 v9 LTS – You’re the One That I Want

Today, after 1.5 years of dedicated work and meeting the self-set goal of publishing five intermediate Sprint Releases as scheduled, we are now proud to announce that the new major version TYPO3 v9 LTS is available for download.

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Want to Improve TYPO3? Join a Community Team.

Thank you to the TYPO3 Community Team Leads for helping out with this article on top of everything they do for the project and community. The community contribution section here on TYPO3.org is the hub for everything related to community events and TYPO3 CMS improvements. No matter your prior experience and interests, you can find a way to share your skills where they’re needed most

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TYPO3 v9.4.0 released

One small step for a sprint release, but one giant leap towards the new LTS version! Today, we are excited to announce the release of TYPO3 version 9.4, which is the last planned Sprint Release before the long term support (LTS) release.

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Full Managed VPS and Dedicated server with free 24/7 support

Pqcservice company announces approximate new round in the development of our service. We open doors for all customers who are interested in…. | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1727371&goto=newpost

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TYPO3 v8.7.19 LTS released

We are announcing the release of TYPO3 v8.7.19 LTS, as scheduled. This version is a maintenance releases and contains bug fixes only.

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QTS Announces First Customer Installation in New Ashburn Data Center

ASHBURN, VA – Responding to increasing demand for hyperscale data center and hybrid colocation solutions, QTS Realty Trust (NYSE: QTS), a leading provider of software-defined and mega-scale data center solutions, announced early delivery of commissioned space in its new Ashburn, Va.

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Report of the QSA 3-2018

This meeting was held as a working sprint. We set up smaller working groups, to create concrete results. As usual we started with a short recap of our activities of the last month and compared the progress with our project plan (https://typo3.org/project/association/association-projects/)

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TYPO3 9.3.3, 8.7.18 and 7.6.31 released

We are announcing the release of the following TYPO3 updates: TYPO3 9.3.3 TYPO3 8.7.18 LTS TYPO3 7.6.31 LTS All versions are maintenance releases and contain improvements only. Recent TYPO3 versions unfortunately introduced some regressions with the previous security releases which were: #85547 Avoid PHP warning when using Phar archive with open_basedir (fixed in 9.3.3, 8.7.18, 7.6.31) #85570 Allow form definitions to be moved or put to recycle folder (fixed in 9.3.3, 8.7.18) #85608 Allow “defaultValue” for select form elements (fixed in 9.3.3, 8.7.18) #85544 The form upgrade wizard must update all plugin settings (fixed in 9.3.3, 8.7.18) #85426 Declare middleware dependencies of redirects (fixed in 9.3.3) #85252 Avoid SQL error in indexed search administration (fixed in 9.3.3) The previously released upgrade wizard “Rename form definition file extension from .yaml to .form.yaml” did not migrate custom finisher settings defined in content elements. Thus and in case system extension form is used, the mentioned upgrade wizard has to be executed again in order to migrate the remaining settings as well.

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A new structure for the TYPO3 Core team

Background Back in the beginning, the TYPO3 Core Team was a closed group of people developing TYPO3 behind the curtain. In 2007 that changed, the core mailing list was opened to the public and everyone was invited to start contributing patches – via mail attachment. Frequent and reliable contributors were occasionally invited to join the team, the product and the team grew.

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Quarterly Updates | Q2 2018

To keep everyone aware of big projects and efforts across WordPress contributor teams, I’ve reached out to each team’s listed representatives . I asked each of them to share their Top Priority (and when they hope for it to be completed), as well as their biggest Wins and Worries. Have questions