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Microsoft Acquires Italian Firm to Help it Stitch Together the Internet of Things

Microsoft is betting big that smarter devices can mean better business, and the company has acquired Italian Internet of Things startup Solair to help get it there.

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IFIP WITFOR 2016 Attracts Global Response

27 April 2016 – The IFIP World Information Technology Forum (WITFOR) 2016 has received a global response to its Call for Papers with presenters from 23 different countries submitting papers for consideration. With a focus on progressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), WITFOR 2016 brings together hundreds of senior policy-makers, ICT experts, representatives of NGOs and GOs, researchers and private sector organizations to devise ways to use ICT to solve the problems of developing nations

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AltusHost Announces 15% Lifetime Discount on All VPS Deals

Netherlands – AltusHost ( ), a Netherlands-based Web Hosting provider with a global reach of international clients announced this week that a lifetime 15% discount on all of the company’s VPS services will be extended to anyone with a current account as well as any new subscribers who wish to take advantage of the savings.

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Host Europe Group Shops for Buyers: Report

European host Host Europe Group (HEG) is being put on the block by private equity parent Cinven for up to €1.7 billion ($1.9 billion), Reuters reports.

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Sungard Availability Services Appoints Randy J. Hendricks to Board of Directors

WAYNE, Pa. — Sungard® Availability Services™ named Randy J.

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GoDaddy Announces Comprehensive Spring 2016 Updates Across All Product Lines

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., — GoDaddy Inc., the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, today announced a range of new features across its product offerings that make it even easier for entrepreneurs around the world to start, grow, and successfully run their own business ventures. GoDaddy provides the most comprehensive range of products and services for small business owners. These new improvements and updates deepen GoDaddy’s offerings and give entrepreneurs more access to the vital tools they need to build their businesses.

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Under Snooper’s Charter, UK Government Gets First Look at Tech Products, Features

If the updated Snooper’s Charter becomes UK law, the government will receive sneak peeks of all new tech products and services launched by companies operating in Britain, an examination of the draft shows.

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GEMServers Has Announced a New DaaS Offering

GEMServers, a data delivery company, recently announced a new Database-as-a-Service or DaaS offering. It will be powered by DeepSQL and the Google Compute Engine, which will help enable customers in the DBaaS market to work on their core business competencies without distractions from managing the database infrastructure. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has a presences in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Asia Pacific.

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UK Web Host 123-reg Continues to Restore Data After VPS Outage

UK hosting provider 123-reg is continuing to recover data for VPS accounts affected by connectivity issues that started on Saturday and resulted in “some data loss for some customers.”

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Zayo To Expand Fiber-To-The-Tower Footprint In San Antonio And Austin

BOULDER, Colo. – Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. today announced the expansion of its fiber-to-the-tower (FTT) footprint in San Antonio and Austin to serve an anchor wireless service provider