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Major Award Recently Given to ViaWest CEO Nancy Phillips

The Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award was given to Nancy Phillips, the CEO of ViaWest.

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Uptime: Colocation Firms are Building Fewer Data Centers

If you look at recent earnings reports by the biggest data center providers, you’ll get the impression that the industry is booming.

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Wowrack Launches Private HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solutions for Healthcare at Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum

SEATTLE, WA and RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA – Wowrack, a global leader in managed cloud hosting solutions and colocation services, announced today the launch of three HIPAA Compliant Private Cloud offerings for the healthcare industry. The announcement marks a new era in cloud storage for healthcare providers, boasting HIPAA compliant privacy and unrivaled security technology. Wowrack has partnered with Security First Corp

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Create a Functional Business out of Your Blog

When you run a blog, you’re likely doing it because you have valuable information to share with the world or because you have a passion for writing. When you decide to take the plunge and make your blog function as a business, it takes some understanding of how that is going to work first. Starting your own blog often happens for people by chance because they want to express themselves or share their thoughts, but it’s a great way to connect to other bloggers or people wanting to read about your experiences

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Boost Your Open and Click Rates with These 5 Email Tips

Running email marketing campaigns is tough, and depending on the industry you’re in and the open and click rates you’re seeing currently, it can feel impossible to get the results you’re looking for. ITX Design shared these 5 tips for boosting your open and click rates and improving the results you get from your email marketing campaigns. You can read the full article here – this is just a summary.

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Armor Launches Global Partner Program

RICHARDSON, TX – Armor, the leader in active cyber defense, today announced the launch of the “Armor Global Partner Program,” designed to combine managed service providers, resellers and technology partners with the company’s expertise in driving active, managed cyber defense. There is no question that cyber security is essential for today’s organizations, but how those solutions are deployed is an ongoing dilemma. As companies consider their cyber defense strategy, they must remember that building and maintaining an effective security posture is possible, but requires significant resources.

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DNS Made Easy Failover Solutions Saved Over $525 Million of Lost Revenue Q1 2016

RESTON, VA – In a survey of DNS Made Easy clients, it was found that DNS Failover and system monitoring has saved clients over half a billion dollars in revenue over Q1 2016. DNS Failover is a configuration that allows traffic to be “failed over” from a user’s primary IP address to a backup IP address

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MIGSOLV Data Center Celebrates 15th year Milestone

UNITED KINGDOM – MIGSOLV, the data centre specialist, has entered its fifteenth business year, marking the milestone by launching a distinctive new company identity and web site. Founder Alex Rabbetts established the company – initially known as Migration Solutions – in 2002 as the only UK consultancy practice focused exclusively on data centre environments

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Ecommerce for Service Providers Educational Sessions at Hosting Global 2016

The educational sessions at HostingCon Global 2016 will include a full range of choices for web hosting and cloud providers. Some of the sessions will talk about ecommerce as an opportunity for service provides within the industry. This is an area many companies have been slow to adapt

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Ecommerce as an Opportunity for Service Providers

Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing and potentially most lucrative opportunities currently in the industry, but many companies have been slow to adapt to take advantage of it.