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The U.S. Kaspersky Ban Sets an Ugly Precedent

Whether the ban is justified is less important in the grand scheme of things than what it does to the borderless nature of the cybersecurity industry and the tech industry as a whole.

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Equifax Says Unpatched Apache Struts Vulnerability Behind Massive Security Breach

Equifax officials said today that its massive security breach was possible via unpatched web application server vulnerability Apache Struts CVE-2017-5638.

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Equifax Says Cyberattack May Have Hit 143 Million Customers

Intruders accessed names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers, Equifax said in a statement.

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Spying on Worker Emails Gets New Hurdle in EU Court Ruling

Prying into workers’ emails just became a bit harder following a European Court of Human Rights ruling.

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School District Data Center Hit By Ransomware

District pays $2,900 ransom to get student and staff data back.

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Your Server Died and Your Backups are Gone. Here’s What to do Next.

It’s every IT pros worst nightmare: your server has died, and your backups you thought were working are broken. Here’s how to recover and not let it ruin your career.

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GoDaddy Launches TrustedSite Certificates with McAfee Integration

The McAfee seal increases trust and increases online conversions by up to 10 percent, GoDaddy says.

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DreamHost Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Cover Legal Costs in DOJ Fight

DreamHost has set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise $10,000 for its legal fight against the U.S.

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Dyn Might Have Been Collateral Damage in Mirai Attack on Gaming Infrastructure

New research suggests hackers were targeting gaming infrastructure when they took down Dyn’s network in October 2016.

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Massive New ‘Locky’-Variant Ransomware Attack Now Underway

Many endpoint protection solutions have been updated to detect Locky ransomware but as a new variant, emails containing the IKARUSdilapidated strain can be designated as “unknown file” types and slip through security solutions.