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Mobile-Phone Case at Supreme Court to Test Privacy Protections

The case could have a far-reaching impact. Prosecutors seek phone-location information from telecommunications companies in tens of thousands of cases a year.

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Hackers Target Holiday Shoppers with Malicious Black Friday Apps

As U.S. consumers prepare for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping bonanzas, threat management firm RiskIQ is warning that one in 25 Black Friday-themed mobile apps is fake.

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Internet Freedom Under Global Attack: Report

Freedom House released the annual report with contributions from the Internet Society (ISOC) on Tuesday.

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Companies Turn to War Games to Spot Scarce Cybersecurity Talent

With demand for cybersecurity expertise exploding, but qualified people in short supply, war-gaming competitions have become key recruiting grounds for companies and government security agencies.

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The Father of the Web Confronts His Creation

Tim Berners-Lee thinks the web has become as complex and intricate as a human brain.

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IBM Cloud Hands German Users Control of Their Data

To protect itself and EU-based clients, Big Blue modifies a play for Microsoft’s playbook.

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Regulation Can’t Solve Cybersecurity Problems, Fed Official Says

More rules may not be the best answer to protecting the financial system against cyber attacks, a Federal Reserve official said.

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Russians Hijacked Trump Organization Websites in 2013: Reports

At least 195 websites belonging to U.S. President Donald Trump, his family, or businesses he is involved with were victims of DNS hijacking in 2013.

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WordPress Issues Emergency Patch for SQL Injection Vulnerability

The Halloween fright, CVE-2017-14723, was discovered and reported to the bug bounty program in September by researcher Anthony Ferrara.

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Stolen Code-Signing Certificates Worth $1,200 on Dark Web: Report

Code-signing certificates are selling on the dark web for up to $1,200, making them more expensive than many counterfeit U.S. passports, stolen credit cards and handguns, according to research released Tuesday