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ServerCentral Announces PCI DSS 3.2.1 Compliance

CHICAGO, IL – ServerCentral, a leading provider of managed IT infrastructure solutions, today announced its VMware-powered Enterprise Cloud has received compliance certification with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). “When there’s a chance to improve security, we want everyone to have it — no extra fees, no migration. If you work with ServerCentral, you get the best protection we can offer as soon as we can offer it,” said Tom Kiblin, Vice President of Managed Services at ServerCentral

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Evolution of Cybersecurity

There is little doubt that Asia is one of the up and coming hotbeds of cybersecurity awareness. Major attacks are seen in the news more regularly, consumers are asking questions about the security of their apps, and regulation is soon to take effect in the core regional markets

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Want to Improve TYPO3? Join a Community Team.

Thank you to the TYPO3 Community Team Leads for helping out with this article on top of everything they do for the project and community. The community contribution section here on is the hub for everything related to community events and TYPO3 CMS improvements. No matter your prior experience and interests, you can find a way to share your skills where they’re needed most

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PCI Compliance Made Easy with Sungard Availability Services’ Certified Resilient Cloud Platforms

WAYNE, PA – Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) has expanded its Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification across its modern, resilient cloud platforms, and now offers compliant production and disaster recovery services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its managed private cloud. Organizations are often burdened with achieving PCI DSS compliance for everything from their infrastructure to their applications.

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VMware Cloud on AWS Expands to Asia-Pacific, Delivers New Enterprise Capabilities

LAS VEGAS, NV (VMworld 2018) – VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), announced that VMware Cloud on AWS is now available in Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Asia-Pacific (Sydney) region. VMware also announced new capabilities that help organizations around the globe to rapidly migrate applications and data centers to an intrinsically secure cloud service that meets enterprise application needs

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CoreSite Successfully Completes Annual Compliance Examinations

DENVER – CoreSite Realty Corporation (NYSE:COR), a premier provider of secure, reliable, high-performance data center and interconnection solutions across the U.S., today announced it has successfully completed its annual compliance examinations for the colocation services offered across 17 operating multi-tenant data centers in its portfolio. The completion of these annual examinations uniquely positions CoreSite to provide its customers a consistent and comprehensive solution to compliance standards as part of its overall customer value proposition. The completion of these various compliance objectives also demonstrates CoreSite’s ongoing commitment to operational excellence and customer experience, enabling its more than 1,350 customers to meet industry standard compliance requirements

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A Guide to Content Delivery Network: What Is a CDN, How It Works and How It Helps Your Website

Single server (left) Vs Content Delivery Network (right) ( source ). Loading speed is one of the most critical factors that can make or break your website’s success

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TYPO3 9.3.1, 8.7.17 and 7.6.30 security releases published

We are announcing the release of the following TYPO3 updates: TYPO3 9.3.1 TYPO3 8.7.17 LTS TYPO3 7.6.30 LTS All versions are security releases and contain important security fixes – read the corresponding Security Advisories here: Some security fixes require a specific upgrade path, make sure you read the instructions in the advisories carefully.

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SSH Jump Server|SSH JumpBox | Meet PCI DSS Compliance when staff SSH remotely to Linux servers

[B]How does Ezeelogin [COLOR=SeaGreen]improve the security of … | Read the rest of

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TYPO3 Site Package Tutorial

Following the steps of the Site Package Tutorial , written by Michael Schams, you can build a modern extension with all relevant files stored at a central point. Changes can easily be tracked in version control. TYPO3 supports several methods for implementing websites, but this approach is both flexible and professional