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Domain Anonymization Service Launched by Co-Founder of Pirate Bay

Peter Sunde, a former co-founder of Pirate Bay has launched a domain name registration anonymization service. The service is called Njalla and offers protection for customer data and privacy. Instead of the customer owning the domain, the company will own it on behalf of the customer

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Yahoo Customers Going to Court in Class Action Suit

A class-action suit was recently filed against Yahoo Small business and Aabaco, the parent company. A customer believes that Yahoo took down his website without warning or notice and still charged him for hosting it. The suit was filed by Photographer Ronald Meyer in Northern California District Court

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Google has Launched Google Hire

A new job site from the search and cloud giant Google has been launched. While no official announcement has been made by Google, the site is live and can be accessed online. While some of the services created by Google have flourished, others have not

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NASA Cybersecurity Chief Concerned about Outer-Space Hacking

Both Swift and Fermi are satellite sent into space by NASA to gather data about black hole energy and explosions.

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Dropbox has Received a $600 Million Credit Line from JPMorgan

A $600 million credit line has been provided to Dropbox by JPMorgan Chase & Co, along with five other banks. The company is working towards an initial public offering and this line of credit is part of getting there. The company has met with many bankers to discuss their plans for going public

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Apple Has Until April 7th to Pay Ransom, According to Hackers

A group of hackers has threatened to wipe all user data from Macs, iPhones, iPads and other devices of Apple customers if a ransom isn’t paid by April 7th. The group is known as the “Turkish Crime Family” even though they are based in London

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Two Incidents Caused the Issues with Microsoft Azure Storage

Last week, two incident disrupted the service of 26 regions out of 28 for Microsoft Azure’s public cloud.

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How Did Russian Hackers Attack Yahoo?

Alexsey Belan, known as a sneaky Russian hacker that U.S.

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Critical Apache Vulnerabilities Exploited by Hackers

Apache Struts 2 has become the target of hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities. This web application framework is used by government agencies, internet services providers and banks. The hackers are using malware to try and exploit the holes within the application