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New Cloud Revenue Streams for 2015

As more and more businesses start to use shared services to outsource their IT operations, it is becoming more evident how beneficial these services truly are. The ever-changing demands and needs of business makes it challenging for organizations to provide their employees and customers with the services they need and want when they need them.

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Future Hosting Partners With WHMCS To Offer Automated Web Hosting Services

Southfield, MI – Future Hosting, a premium VPS and dedicated server hosting provider, has announced a partnership with WHMCS to bring powerful web hosting automation tools to its range of high-performance managed server hosting plans.

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Website Copyright Violations: How Will Web Hosts Respond?

Copyright violations aren’t anything new under the digital sun, but measures taken by Russia will most certainly strike an unfamiliar chord across the world. Starting in May of 2015, any website in Russia found guilty of multiple copyright violations will be permanently blocked in Russia. In an unrelated measure to fight Internet piracy in Russia, intellectual property rights holders will have to be paid a fee by the country’s communications operators for universal licenses and unlimited utilization of Internet content

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Are WordPress Themes Beating Out Individually Designed Websites for Small Businesses?

Business owners strive to reach a balance between a costly, high-end website, and one that is free, but that may not depict the level of professionalism desired. The result is that companies fit into one of these two categories in most cases: They have not yet produced a website

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GoDaddy Updates Dedicated Server and VPS Solutions in India

GoDaddy updated its dedicated and Virtual Private Server offerings in India on Monday, repeating the move it made for the North American developer hosting market in October.

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Parallels Cloud Server Plans To Add Docker Support in Q1 2015

Parallels Cloud Server is planning to offer native support for Docker application deployment, allowing service providers to deliver container-based Virtual Private Servers to the growing number of developers building Docker applications.

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Unidesk Releases Guide to Windows Desktop Layering

( The Hosting News ) – Unidesk, the leading provider of open  virtual desktop management software , today announced the release of its Definitive Guide to Desktop Layering. The white paper helps IT professionals understand what layering technology is and what the essential requirements are to simplify and scale delivery of Windows desktops in the cloud.

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Ignition Focuses on Bermuda as Their Hub for Private Cloud Hosting

( The Hosting News ) – Over the past few months Ignition has seen a steady increase in the number of clients looking for offshore private hosting solutions. Graham Pearson CEO of the Ignition group stated that “After a few years of decline in the Bermuda technology sector, we are seeing encouraging signs of a resurgence in Bermuda as the preferred location for hosting of data and applications”. Ignition has recently invested in significant additional storage capacity along with the cutting edge WAN acceleration technology, which will enable Ignition to significantly increase their platform performance, lower incremental costs, and bring many clients back to the Island to use Bermuda as their primary location for virtual computing services

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Jelastic Announces Docker Integration to Provide the Most Advanced Orchestrated Application Delivery

( The Hosting News ) –   Jelastic , Inc., the first company that combined unlimited PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) into one solution, has announced integration with  Docker using  Parallels Cloud Server . The collaboration will allow service providers to enable continuous application delivery, fully elastic scalability and integrated orchestration and management for hosting applications in the cloud

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