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Why Your Small Business Needs the Best Windows VPS

Over 540,000 new businesses open every month. With numbers like this, competition is everywhere — and your small business can’t afford to have anything less than the top tools if it wants to survive.

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12 security measures to protect an unmanaged VPS

Virtual Private Servers have long been thought of as a next-generation shared hosting solution. They use virtualization ‘tricks’ to let you coin your own hosting environment and be a master of your server at a pretty affordable price.

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The summer kicks in with a host of VPS and semi-dedicated server hosting promotions

In tune with the summer temperatures, we’ve enabled a host of hot server hosting promotions on our platform. Check them out and don’t miss out on these special promo enrollment opportunities! The post The summer kicks in with a host of VPS and semi-dedicated server hosting promotions appeared first on ResellersPanel’s Blog – everything about reseller hosting in one place .

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VPS – the new hosting choice for e-commerce startups

Learn more about the advantages of hosting your e-store on a VPS in terms of cost and resource utilization from our blog.

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AWS Expands VPS Service Amazon Lightsail to More Regions

Amazon Web Services is expanding its VPS services, called Amazon Lightsail, into nine more AWS regions and launching a new global console.

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VPS.net Announces Expansion to Phoenix, Atlanta and Seattle

LONDON, UK & SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Cloud services provider VPS.net has completed its expansion to offering SSD VPS in Phoenix, Atlanta and Seattle. These new locations bring VPS.net’s SSD VPS offering up to 13 locations across North America and Europe. VPS.net has chosen these locations due to their impact on the US tech scene.

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ServeYourSite Introduces New KVM Based VPS Plans

HACKENSACK, NJ – Shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated web hosting company ServeYourSite announced a significant change to its VPS plan structure by upgrading its VPS plans to KVM Technology, SSD Drives. The upgrade brings about a more powerful VPS with more space and bandwidth capable of better performance. With this change, you will opt for a reliable virtual server solution with dedicated and manageable resources as a dedicated server.

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HostSailor Announces Multiple Xen VPS Solutions For High Performance Hosting

Dubai, UAE – HostSailor offers multiple VPS options for small to large businesses.

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HostSailor Offers Businesses Opportunity to Expand Operations via High-Speed VPS Hosting Solutions

DUBAI, UAE – HostSailor, one of the rapidly growing hosting platforms, offers fast and reliable VPS solutions to businesses around the world.

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Modified IP allocation policy due to IPv4 address space exhaustion. A new IPv6 network is underway.

In view of the nearing exhaustion of the public IPv4 address space, we have modified our IP allocation policy. Learn more about the new IP address quotas for the VPS and dedicated servers and about our plans to introduce full IPv6 support to our network from our latest blog post.