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Why Your Small Business Needs the Best Windows VPS

Over 540,000 new businesses open every month. With numbers like this, competition is everywhere — and your small business can’t afford to have anything less than the top tools if it wants to survive.

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How Does Linux Work Compared to Windows?

For most casual computer users, there have only ever been two operation systems: Windows and Apple. Both companies have managed to dominate the consumer space, but when it comes to popularity Windows has clearly won the OS contest.

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iSign Launches iSecure Protector to Protect Computers and Servers from Hackers with Impenetrable Security

LACEY, WA – iSign Launches iSecure Protector to Protect Computers and Servers from Hackers with Impenetrable Security This week iSign International, a company dedicated to developing innovative software solutions aimed at making computers and servers impenetrable to hackers, officially released iSecure Protector 2017, iSecure Protector Enterprise 2017, and iSecure Protector Server Edition 2017. iSecure Protector 2017, designed for consumers, monitors the network packets that their computer software is sending out ; it visually displays the corresponding destination, including name, location and IP, and gives each consumer the option to permanently deny future access to any suspicious ISPs and corresponding IPs. iSecure Protector Enterprise 2017 , designed for business networks, monitors all employee computers in real time, through a centralized cloud-based monitoring tool that is protected by a 5-Factor Authentication (username, biometric signature, device, dynamic device token, and GEO location) as well as dynamic PKI encrypted communication

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How to Preserve SEO During Website Migration

There’s no worse feeling for business leaders than seeing their SEO efforts go up in smoke with a website migration. It’s not uncommon for a website to lose 60% of traffic . Fortunately, you can keep your SEO wins intact with a little planning.

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How to Choose the Right Blog Hosting

You recently decided to launch a blog.

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Acronis Backup 12.5 Advances Data Protection and Renders Traditional Solutions Obsolete

BURLINGTON – Acronis, a global leader in hybrid data protection and storage, today changed the future of data backup protection with the latest release of Acronis Backup 12.5, the world’s most innovative backup solution offering unprecedented levels of protection for all sizes of infrastructure. The new Acronis Backup 12.5 comes in two editions: Standard and Advanced, with an easy in-place upgrade. Acronis Backup 12.5 is the world’s fastest, most reliable, complete, and cost-effective backup offering available on the market today

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FullHost Now Offering Windows Server Hosting in Canada

VICTORIA, BC – FullHost, a leading Canadian web hosting provider, has today announced the availability to deploy Windows ready virtual servers and bare metal dedicated servers. The Windows servers are available through its cloud hosting platform at their data centers in Canada.

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Atlantic.Net Announces Windows Server Container Support in the Cloud

ORLANDO, FL – Leading cloud hosting provider Atlantic.Net today announced support for Windows Server Containers, which enables Windows users to package applications into images that can be run on any Windows 2016 server. Users can now deploy and scale their Windows Server Containers across Atlantic.Net’s Cloud Servers, making it one of the first highly redundant cloud hosting providers to do so. Atlantic.Net’s container support eliminates the “it works on my machine” problem once and for all

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Serverfreak Technologies Sdn Bhd Inks Partnership with SmarterTools

KUALA LUMPUR – Serverfreak Technologies Sdn Bhd is proud to announce it has partnered with SmarterTools Inc.